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We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone who made this festival possible. First a big thank you to YOU, our audience, for coming out to support dance in our city. Your role is integral to developing this festival and for the future of dance in London. We would also like to acknowledge all of the volunteers who poured their hearts into making all of the events run so smoothly this weekend. We could not have done it without you. This festival has been in the making for many years and many people have lent a helping hand along the way.

Thanks to: Imran Atta, Gary Begner, Danielle Cameron, Alissa Cassidy, Andrew Clark, Kate Cornell, Danielle Costello, Andrea Douglas, Mike Froom, Catherine Fulop, Allison Gamble, Adina Herling, Sandy Hunt, Shea Jackson, Deb Kapp, Bonny Kilgour, Nina Sampson, Erin Martins Santolupo, Rebekah Morrison-Wize, Vidya Natarajan, Ekaterina Nikiforova, Dorit Osher, Pedro Ramirez, Ben Rudland, Rafet Sayegh, Christin Smith, Miko Sobreira, Caleb Varty, Doug Varty, Catrina von Radeki, Miranda Wickett, Dale Yoshida, Deborah Zuskan, all of the performers, volunteers and community participants.

From our heart to yours, thank you for your part in making this happen!

-Bizz, Lacey and Ruth


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