Dance at Home

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Dance with a hometown advantage
Sunday July 3, 7:30-8:30pm | Eldon House
Admission: Pay-What-You-Can ($15 Suggested donation)

Help us welcome home a group of artists hailing from London who will transform the gardens of Eldon House. The performance will be followed by a Q&A with the artists.
Rain date July 4, 7pm.

Bring your own chair or picnic blanket! There are a limited number of chairs available, but most seating will be on the ground.

Artists: Cara Spooner, Carley Stastny, Dasein Dance Theatre, If and When (Katie Ewald and Bry Webb)

Cara Spooner by Layne Hinton

Choreographer: Cara Spooner
Sound Composition: Lisa Conway
Performers: Cara Spooner, Jenna Bowler-Cook, Chrystal H., Michelle Lee, Teegan Moore, Chantel Oatman, Erin O’Neill, Josh Straub

You can be a Community Participant in Cara Spooner’s work Chorus! Check out the Call for Participants here.

Chorus explores group dynamics, audience/performer relationships and ideas of individualism and togetherness through improvised scores and pedestrian movement. It has been developed and performed by trained dancers and untrained non-dancers including members of Workman Arts. Chorus aims to blend educational experiences with performance presentation by making room for a range of bodies and minds.

Made in collaboration with Workman Arts and ArtSpin with support from CAMH Friends of the Archives and the Toronto Arts Council.

Cara Spooner is a Toronto-based choreographer working in dance, performance art and theatre. Her work has been presented at The National Arts Centre, Canadian Stage, Magnetic North, World Stage, Summerworks, The Theatre Centre, the Goethe Institut and Stromereien 11. She is also the Education & Training Manager at Workman Arts.


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If & When (Katie Ewald & Bry Webb) by Jacklyn Barber

For You
Created and performed by: Katie Ewald and Bry Webb
For You embraces, distorts, deconstructs and reconstructs the familiarities and conventions of popular song to examine the function and impact of increasingly standardized communication on close personal relationships today.  Through dialogue based on personal text messages, intimate gestures, a diagnostic approach to social cues, and a persistent lack of eye contact, the performers call into question the nature of being present with another cognizant being in the modern world, and the ways we try to understand each other.

I Only Have Eyes For You was written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin in 1934.  Sincere thanks to Ruth Douthwright.

IF AND WHEN is an ongoing collaborative project between contemporary dancer Katie Ewald and musician Bry Webb.  Katie and Bry have been “romantically involved” for over ten years, but had never worked together on a creative endeavor prior to 2016, when an invitation to participate in a dance festival in their hometown offered an opportunity to focus on communicating with one another in the context of performance.  They have taken on a projected series of translations and deconstructions of the world’s great love songs, called Paroles, with the aim of expressing complexities of communication and their relationship to the culture of love.  Their first piece, For You, dissects The Flamingos’ 1959 Doo Wop classic, I Only Have Eyes For You – a song with particular resonance for the two performers.


Carley Stastny by Drew Berry
Carley Stastny by Drew Berry

Choices 16 to 21 in Review (excerpt)
Choreographer: Carley Stastny
Dancers: Miyeko Ferguson and Carley Stastny

Re-run episodes meet gym class drills meet testing boundaries meet reviewing options.

Thank you to Lukas Malkowski, Andréa Galizia, Miyeko Ferguson and Victoria Machin for their collaborative efforts which helped generate the original work. Thank you to Sheldon Rosen for the opportunity to create this work as well as helping to foster it in it’s preliminary stages.

Thank you to Kate Hilliard for her influence and refinement of the works themes, concepts and execution. Thank you everyone who has come today. Last but not least, thank you to my parents and Babi for their enduring love and support.

Carley Stastny has just graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance. Beginning her training in London, Ontario, Carley studied at the Jo Read’s school of Dance. She has had the privilege of working with many artists and choreographers including MADboots, James Kudelka, Alyssa Martin (Rock Bottom Movement), Robert Desrosiers and Kate Hilliard. She performed in numerous pieces as well as produced her own original work in Ryerson Theatre School’s New Voices Festival this past spring. Currently, Carley is excitedly exploring the world of contemporary dance nationally and internationally, ambitious to learn and experience all that she can. Carley has a vested interest in and passion for both performance and creation. She ambitiously explores her role in and method of creative process.


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Dasein Dance Theatre by Lacey Smith

The Art of Being
Dasein Dance Theatre
Choreographer: Lacey Smith
Dancers: Melanie Rodowa and Lacey Smith
Music composed by: Grazyna Bacewicz

In The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays, Albert Camus writes: “The struggle towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.  One must consider Sisyphus happy.”  This is where The Art of Being begins…

Thank you to Danielle Baskerville, Melanie Rodowa and Miko Sobreira for beginning this journey with me.

Dasein Dance Theatre was founded in London, Ontario by Lacey Smith in 2011. DDT’s primary mandate is to foster contemporary dance that is socially attune and responsible. By examining the intrinsic beauty hidden in the dark recesses of the human experience, DDT promotes the research, development and sharing of socially conscious and accessible work. Dasein follows the threads of human psychology, to reveal the stories of what truly makes us human. The honest physicality of DDT’s dancers invites you to surrender to your primal self and embrace the adventure of being-in-the-world.