Community Dance Celebration

In partnership with London Celebrates Canada
Friday July 1, 3-3:30pm & 4:30-5pm
Harris Park: 531 Ridout St N
Admission: FREE | No rain date

Come celebrate dance in London with the next generation of artists. PLUS a chance to share the stage in our annual FLASH MOB. Bring your family to join in this fun event! Stick around after the performance to enjoy music, vendors and fireworks by London Celebrates Canada.

Artists: Dance Essence, Dasein Dance School, EnPointe Development Inc., North London Dance Centre, Lester B. Pearson Dance Pack, Perspective Dance and Sound in Motion.

Dance Essence 2016 website thumbnail
Dance Essence by Fred’s Photography

Letting Go
Dance Essence Performance Group
Choreographer: Paige Frappier
Dancers: Jasmine Dawkins and Makenzie Ross

Letting Go is about dancing through troubles, anxiety, or depression. “Letting Go” can mean something different to everyone who experiences it. It is about finding the light in the dark and moving on. Our dancers in “Letting Go” come from all different walks of life and bring a special element to this dance.

We’d like to give a special thank you to our Dance Essence staff who contributed to “Letting Go”, especially Paige Frappier for choreographing. We’d also like to thank Flux for this amazing opportunity!

The Dance Essence Performance Group is a team of talented dancers who perform in London and surrounding areas. They take part in local competitions as well as community performances and events. Each dancer trains on a weekly basis continuing to learn and grow as dancers and performers. The team has been very successful and continues to grow.

DDS 2016 website thumbnail
Dasein Dance School by Mark Spowart

Dasein Dance School’s Young Company
Choreographer: Lacey Smith
Dancers: Sophi Kerr, Jada Kowalchuk and Elissa Woo

Footprints is about coming of age. From past to present and finally future, the dancers uncover their fears of the unknown as they look forward. The dancers acknowledge the footprints that history has left before them as inspiration to forge their own unique path.

A special thank you to the dancers for their willingness to go on this journey and to Miko Sobreira.

Dasein Dance School is a professional training facility dedicated to the development of young artists in ballet and contemporary dance forms. It was founded by Artistic Director Lacey Smith in 2013. Our mandate is to provide a space for serious young dancers to develop their technique and artistry in a non-competitive environment that is focused on education. The young company is comprised of dancers 14-19 who are enrolled in our Pre-Professional Training Program.

EnPointe 2016 website thumbnail
EnPointe Development

Continued Direction
EnPointe Development Inc.
Choreographer: Brandy Coghlin
Dancers: Camryne Quinn, Pyper Olver, Julia Hunter, Kelly Noorloos

Continued Direction displays traditional ballet through contemporary choreography. One does not often follow a path with the same direction or combination of people. Continued Direction expresses movements that lead to different places. The rest we leave to you to create off of the physicality and expression that touches you most.

Thank you to the dancers for putting time aside to explore and create. 

EnPointe Development is an independent venture that Brandy uses to choreograph senior student dancers from across southwestern Ontario. Continued Direction is a combination of three dancers from Studio Dance Pointe in St. Thomas as well as one dancer from Cadence School of Ballet located in Toronto. EnPointe strives to provide dancers with various performance opportunities.

NLDC 2016 website thumbnail
North London Dance Centre by Kelly Hajar

Rotten Ones
The Young Company of North London Dance Centre
Choreographer: Kelly Hajar
Dancers: Stefani Doris, Bronwyn Duffy, Regan Martin, Shannon Palmer, Kaitlyn Rowe & Isabella Russell.

Rotten Ones is a loose narrative about moving through adolescence into young adulthood, where some friends stick together while others separate themselves from their childhood friends.

The Young Company is establishing itself as an organization that provides an innovative environment where talented young dancers can further expand their technical dance training with performance-oriented training and experience given by some of the most respected teachers and choreographers in our community & beyond.


Perspective Dance by Jennifer Robichaud
Perspective Dance by Jennifer Robichaud

Perspective Dance
Choreographer: Patrizia Ferlisi, Jennifer Robichaud
Dancers: Simona Faienza, Sarah Kiers, Sierra Kellman, Michael Moreno, Racquel Sherlock and Jazmine Thomas

RE:(Active) is a contemporary dance piece based on the idea of action and re-action.  What happens when one takes a stand against an unjust action?  Who will lead? Who will follow?  Who will choose to do nothing? Re:(Active) celebrates kinetic energy and the human spirit through physical movement.

Perspective Dance would like to thank the dancers and their families for sharing and supporting our vision and being a part of the Perspective family!

Perspective Dance is a youth dance company dedicated to unleashing authentic creativity within young dancers & movers of today. The company focuses on creating work that encompasses collaboration, motivation, inspiration, and challenge. It is their mission to empower youth by allowing them to explore, and make creative choices. The ensemble is made up of a diverse group of young dancers from Toronto and the GTA.  Performance credits for the company include: Artscape Extravaganza/15 with Larchaud Dance Project, Youth for Human Rights/15, New Blue Dance Festival/2016.


Pearson Dance Pack by Stephen Marco
Pearson Dance Pack by Stephen Marco

Lester B. Pearson Dance Pack
Choreographer: Dharby Harrison
Performers: Allyson Cheng, Charlotte Christiaans, Dharby Harrison, Michaela Prevett, Nicola Jackman

Award Winning Contemporary/Lyrical movement, inviting the acceptance of equality for all. Choreographed and performed by graduating grade 8 students from Lester B Pearson School of Arts in London Ontario, Equality was awarded Outstanding Choreography at the Ontario Secondary School dance Fest in May 2016.

Thanks to Debra Kapp, Michelle Brock, Lacey Smith, O’Neill Academy of Dance, Breath in Mvmt, Jo Read School of dance, Dance Steps London.

Sound in Motion by Evelyn Mytka
Sound in Motion by Evelyn Mytka

All We Do
Sound in Motion Company
Choreographers: Julie Mytka and Melisa Boose
Dancers: Lily Ash, Rianna Banks, Ashlyn Brown, Delaney Brown, Megan Byloo, Ashlyn Carwana, Nayli Deleon Kantule, Claire Galajda, Ella Gerber, Amber Graham, Maya Hall-Hinds, Mikayla Hardie, Jenna Hills, Zoe Kantzas, Maryn Kelly, Eva Langlois, Gwen Logan, Emily McManus, Katie Plomp, Abbey Richens, Sydney Ross, Reegan Ruddock.

All We Do explores the themes of belonging and alienation. It peeks into the world of hurt feelings and how simple acts can distance individuals. It looks at the human trait of following the trends and then the beautiful moments when individuals defy odds or experience and break free from social pressure.

Thank you to FLUX for the amazing performance opportunity and for promoting creative dance theatre. 

Sound in Motion is a collaboration between directors Julie Mytka and Avery Brown. After both had worked in performing and teaching contracts all over Canada and internationally, they recognized the benefits of bringing music and dance training under one roof. Joining this duo is a dynamic group of professional instructors delivering engaging classes for students of all experience levels. In addition to yearly productions, the studio has participated in events such as FLUX Dance Festival (2015), ChildLife Network International Annual Fundraising Gala (2015), O.N.E. Showcase (2015), Youth On Fire (2013) as well as community performances in local schools and competitions. This is the inaugural performance for Sound in Motion Company -a group grown from Sound in Motion’s Dance Performance Troupe. Dancers come together of all ages and skill levels to create dance theatre.