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To our fellow Londoners and artists,

FLUX London Dance Festival has seen three very successful seasons with many talented artists, dedicated volunteers and a wonderfully supportive audience.  It has been an honour and a pleasure to bring dance to many venues and to so many members of the London community.  We have witnessed the thrill in the eyes of our youngest audience members and seen others moved to tears.  Such is the beauty of dance and we hope that this will stay with each and every one of you who experienced a performance, workshop or participated by performing at one of the events.

We have come to the difficult decision to end FLUX and will no longer be producing annual dance festivals in the city.  This has been a labour of love for over 10 years.  FLUX began in 2006 as a platform to produce professional contemporary dance and to bring this wonderful genre of dance to a London audience.  FLUX transitioned into a festival with multiple showcases in 2014 and with the inclusion of our outdoor venues and various ways to get involved the original goal of FLUX was definitely met.  It has been a beautiful thing to witness and we had many more dreams for FLUX long into the future.  Alas in the words of Barbra Streisand “No matter how hard we try some good things never last”.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all who participated in making FLUX London Dance Festival such a marvelous success.  To our advisory board, staff, volunteers, the dance artists, sponsors, London Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Department for Canadian Heritage we could not have done this without all of your passion and support.  We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and thanks to Guelph Dance Festival and Dusk Dances for their inspiration and mentorship.

Although the chapter of FLUX is coming to an end we will continue to pursue our creative projects independently through our companies.  Lacey will continue her work with Dasein Dance and Ruth with All Dance Projects.  We are committed to dance and to finding ways to connect meaningfully through our medium with others.  Until our paths cross again in our future endeavours, we thank you all and keep dancing.

Should you wish to connect with us, please email us at

Our deepest gratitude,

Lacey Smith and Ruth Douthwright


FLUX farewell