Mandate & Objectives



FLUX London Dance Festival presents local and national artists in an annual dance festival showcasing diverse perspectives within contemporary dance. We endeavour to increase awareness and understanding of dance in London through performances, workshops, and community events while developing the infrastructure and leadership to sustain a vibrant local dance community.

  • Present works that speak to Londoners and develop local dance audiences
  • Support and grow opportunities for established and emerging dance artists working in London
  • Make contemporary dance accessible for people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds
  • Be a part of the larger picture of dance presentation in Canada by developing opportunities for touring artists in South Western Ontario
  • Create volunteer opportunities for Londoners to support and engage with the local dance community
  • Develop partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to establish a firm foundation for dance in London


Photo by Caitlyn Vader: Hannah Goldberg in ‘Caught at & Kist’ by Lacey Smith FLUX Festival May 2014 Eldon House