Join our Community Project

Share the stage at FLUX 2016! We’re looking for community participants – no dance experience required. More detail: Community Project: Call for Participants

Cara-SpoonerCall-for-ParticipationCALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

FLUX London Dance Festival will present Chorus on July 3rd as part of the Dance at Home series at Eldon House. We are in search of 10-15 volunteer performers to participate in this dance work. Participants will be required to attend two workshops and one on-site practice, and will then perform in the work.

Workshops will be held on Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd (time and location TBC) and the onsite practice and performance will be held on Sunday July 3rd at Eldon House (rain date: Monday July 4th).

No previous dance experience is required as the piece is not physically vigorous. All movement is done in a group with the other performers and will be learned together in the workshops and performed together.

Chorus explores group dynamics, audience/performer relationships and ideas of individualism and togetherness through improvised scores and pedestrian movement. It has been developed and performed by trained dancers and untrained non-dancers including members of Workman Arts. Chorus aims to blend educational experiences with performance presentation by making room for a range of bodies and minds.